No Wins (Poem)

I can’t relax

I’ve met my max

I can’t carry on

The doubters won

I stop right here

I look in the mirror

A loser is what I see

Why can’t I be free

Of these ugly thoughts

In my head it rots

I can’t see a winner

I’m not even a beginner

It’s not even worth it

To climb out of the pit

I sulk in misery

Then scream in agony

Why can’t I be successful

Everything’s so stressful

I don’t know what to do

To make it through

This terrible phase

I’m in a daze

I need to succeed

So, I’ll take lead

With little motivation

It’s better than stagnation.



Tsk tsk tsk.. I’m sure this poem is self explanatory.

I fucked up

I made a mistake

I’m fed up

With the choices I make

I fucked up

I’m sorry for that

You’re tied up

From my mishap

You fucked up

Why’d you do it?

Now we’re hung up

By all your bull shit

You fucked up

What happened there

I’m shaken up

By your affair

We fucked up

We neglected each other

I just want to make up

And not be a bother

We fucked up

In different ways

Let’s hang it up

This is just a phase

No one’s perfect

We never are

Let’s not neglect

And stay up to par

We mended things up

I’m glad we did

Even though we’re broken up

We’re not livid

We mended things up

We saw eye to eye

Our oneness is up

And we grew from this lie

A Couple of Poems

This is all meaningless

Everything’s all pointless

So why live in stress?

I should be happy

But it seems far from me

To live in harmony

I choose this disease

Because I didn’t seize

Better opportunities

My life’s at stake

When I chose to take

The money I’d make

Life is so much more

Than just an awful chore

And I can’t ignore

How I spend my time

For just a dime

It should be a crime

To not live fully

Or do things happily

This will change, hopefully.

What you did is unforgivable

I can’t believe you’re this horrible

You seemed so genuine

But you’re not a friend

You’re ugly on the inside

Because you have too much pride

To own up to your mistakes

And do whatever it takes

To make things right

Instead you wanted to fight

And ignore everything you’ve done

Because you wanted to have fun

You’re an awful human being

Who only intended to sting

What you left behind

For a temporary bind

See you in the next life

When you don’t have so much strife

An Unfinished Drawing and Silly Poem

Some unfinished art. It’s a drawing of a ghost from Banjo Kazooie. 😄 That game was awesome.

This green, little dude

Can be so rude;

He’s not very sharing

Of What I’m staring:

A puzzle piece I need

So I take lead

And snatch it from his belly

Because that’s what they tell me

I need to do

To beat you,

Evil witch

You’re such a..

Okay, I won’t say it- type it. 😂 Hopefully my toddler let’s me finish this piece soon.

Duende (Poem)

This poem is about one of the creepy stories my mom told me from her youth. She told me she and her older brothers were in their room when her brother Larry (may he rest in peace) was looking out the window and saw their brother Martin. Larry then proceeded to ask Martin what he was doing outside but Martin, who was sitting on the bed, fixing a radio responded “what are you talking about?” All of my mom’s brothers looked outside to see a Martin lookalike but only with sharp teeth and soulless eyes. It was compared to a “duende.”