Characters I Came Up With 8 Years Ago

I came up with some pervy, little dude by the name of “Dave.” He’s a metalcore kinda guy who’s in a band and doesn’t like school much. I was supposed to draw more of him, years ago and make some comics but I just let time slip through my fingers. I should’ve done it back then when I didn’t have a monster of a daughter to get into everything I’m doing. 😝 Oh well here it is now.

Demi, or “D,” is another character I came up with around eight years ago, too. She is in Dave’s band and you’ll see more of her.. eventually.

Here are all the members to the band. You’ll be seeing more of them in the future. 😄

A couple of old pieces

My friend made a sketchbook and called it “Duh Wholly Bye-bull” back in 2010. I completely forgot I drew a couple of things in there. I do remember the actual book but I completely forgot I contributed to it’s content.

Her sketchbook. I always wondered about it and I was happy when she refreshed my memory about my drawings.

My two drawings below. Obviously, they’re not the greatest but I enjoy running into things like this.

Cats are Self Entitled jerks 😼😹

First, she thinks it’s okay to lay on the box of pan dulce.

Well, okay it is, but you even gotta admit that it’s a dick move that she’s squishing all that delicious bread.

Next, she’s seem to take a liking to my daughter’s Paw Patrol book and those ears of hers tells me that she’s not ready to give it up.

Lastly, she’s taken over my daughter’s Bubble Puppy doll. She was beating it up with her hairy feet. I wish I wish I could’ve recorded it. 😸

Cats are such jerk faces, aren’t they? 😹😽😽

#Cat #Кот #ネコ #Katze #PanDulce

Cat in Alien Costume

So, here’s Gizmo again, but this time I put an alien costume on her. It’s actually Token’s costume but he can share. 😸

#Cat #Costume #Alien #Halloween #Pumpkin #Jack-o’-lantern #TrickorTreat

And of course I’m gonna add Token in this post. It is his costume. Even though the Snap reads “from two years ago,” I typed that last year, meaning it’s actually from three years ago. I got that costume back in 2015. 😸😸😸