Completed Zombie Goldfish of the Zombie Kitty Project

I’ll admit it’s not the best clay work but you gotta give me some credit for being a first timer plus I’m working around a toddler who wants to put her hands on everything even though she has her own sketch pad with crayons and a load of toys.

You can see an earlier post of the Goldfish Zombie here: Zombie Kitty Project: Goldfish Zombie

I enjoyed making it. There will be more zombies to come. You can see my original here: Zombie Kitty

Stay tuned for more zombie goodness. I’m eager to tell the story but of course I must iron out the plot and details. Enjoy and thanks for your support. 😸😸😸

Zombie Kitty Project: Goldfish Zombie

You know how I made a zombie Kitty? Well, I’m making a goldfish zombie to be part of that series. I’m not done with the goldfish but here’s my progress thus far. I’m also creating the story to the zombie Kitty. 😸

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It’s still not completed but here’s what I got so far.. unfortunately I have to go to work so I’ll have to finish this when I’m off. Stay tuned for more Zombie Kitty stuff! 😸