Handmade Bat Doll

I know I was about 13 when I made this bat. I forgot what I named him after 15 years. 😅 He’s made of the same fabric as SheCreature but the purple is from an old shirt and the red is from that same Barbie dress MonkEvil was made from. One day I’m going to turn my handmade ragdolls into drawings. Enjoy. 😊

More Handmade Dolls

Here are a couple of now dolls I’ve made as a young lass. I was about 13 years old when I made them in 2003. I don’t remember what I’ve named them; I do have a notebook with all of my dolls name somewhere hidden.

This is some sort of Snake creature with weird wings and yarn for hair.

And this a a mouse thing with no limbs; she has very little top hair made of yarn and I put some kind of gold ribbon as a headband for her. I was sick a strange girl. 😄 I still am but a woman, strange woman.