Bearded Reedling Drawing

So, I was scrolling on Pinterest and a suggested pin was of this cute, fluffy birdy. I saved the picture but it didn’t have the name of the bird. Luckily, my awesome Google Pixel phone (yes, first gen) has this feature called “Google Lens,” so it’s able to find similar and relevant pictures or information of what the image is. One of the options that came up was an image of a “bearded tit,” also called “reedling.” I clicked on it and it brought me to a Google search of it with a bunch of pictures.

They are some cute little fellas, aren’t they? I had dozens of photos to choose from but I really liked this image I saw of it hanging onto a skinny branch with it’s tiny talons. I’m not the best at drawing realistic animals in color, which I’ve mentioned before in my other blog post of my Finished Great Horned Owl Drawing but I must admit I’m happy with how this came out.

I’ve come to realize that I really like birds. I appreciate their beauty and I’m really starting to enjoy drawing them and coloring them. They’re such graceful creatures and so many to choose from as you admire them from afar.. or draw them in my case. So many colors to choose from and so many different types from cute to bold.

This definitely won’t be the last bird I draw. There will be many more and hopefully I improve with drawing and coloring realistic animals. I need to take my own advice, as I’ve said in my other blog post Just Some Art Advice that I can’t expect the first line I draw to look like the final product. It’ll take time and patience to put out art you’re, I, in this case, am proud of.

You can even see for yourself that the first picture I took of my drawing does not look like the last picture I took of the final outcome. By the way, I’m really enjoying drawing on black paper.. and so is my daughter! I’m not really sure if you can tell that in this picture she added some spice to my drawing by marking it with a glittered, purple crayon. Can you believe this girl? She had her own sketch pad in front of her but no, she had to draw on mommy’s significantly smaller sketch pad.

I still didn’t get rid of the mark of my daughter. It’ll be nice to look back at. Simple moments like these are valuable treasures.

And look, it still came out looking good. I’m happy with it. Of course there are other artists who can draw one of these to look like it’s an actual photo taken by a camera but I’m not one of those kinds of artists; I’m me and I’m happy with it. We’re all unique and we must remember that. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as you enjoyed looking at my art. Thank you. 😊

“La Lechuza”

I’ve never encountered one, thankfully but my Nana said she had back in the day during her youth so this would be back in the 1950’s. I plan on drawing one and telling her story the best I can; she’s not physically with us anymore so I’ll go off of memory. Be on the lookout for my drawing of La Lechuza.

Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?

Finished Great Horned Owl Drawing

Drawing realistic animals in color isn’t my forte and I was a bit intimidated taking this on but here is the finished product. I’m more comfortable drawing realistic things grayscale style but I wanted to expand my horizons. I also decided to leave my brat daughter’s marks on them. 😁 BTW, today is the accurate date I completed it on.

Unfinished Art Pieces

Some of my unfinished pieces. I’m looking forward to seeing how they come out once they’re completed. Be on the lookout for them. Thanks so much for the support. 😊

My revamp drawing of Shenron and his dragon Ball Z. 😂 I’ll post the original drawing in another one.

A drawing of an owl I barely started last night, on my lunch break. Chill if you’re my boss reading this. 😂😂🤣

A baby Majin Vegeta. Still haven’t finished. My original plan was to draw this to be put ona onesie for my daughter.

A drawing of a gargoyle I started quite a while back. It’s probably gonna be a Grayscale drawing. I love Grayscale.