All You (poem)

So many beautiful faces

In a room full of aces

But I only need one

For he’s the top gun

What a sight to see

As you’re dressed immaculately

Stellar is what you emit

And you’re the type to commit

You have me amazed

So much that I feel dazed

I can lose myself in your eyes

Because that’s where true beauty lies

Your walk is even captivating

And my heart is what you’re invading

You’re the definition of glorious

And being next to you has me feeling victorious

I’m happy to be at your side

Because with you, it’s a smooth ride

And since you occupy my heart space

There’s no need to run a race

Because I’ve already got the prize

When I look in your eyes

You’re everything and more

But mostly, you’re the one I adore.

You’re just what I needed

And together we’re completed.

I got inspired by seeing a bunch of handsome Marines walking around at my place of work and I just ended up turning it into a love poem. No, I’m not in love or feeling the euphoria when you’re in puppy love but everyone loves love, so why not make another poem about it. With so much negativity, let’s try to being in some positivity. I’m doing my part. 😊

How Unfortunate (poem)

When I first saw you, I didn’t think much

I just viewed you as “some guy” and such

Never did I think you’d have the touch.

A few weeks passed and I liked your personality

So I’d seek you out because I enjoyed your company

And then I knew you were the perfect best friend for me.

When I’d see you, I didn’t expect more than a hug

Even though I was bitten by the love bug

And it was a feeling I couldn’t just shrug.

When we first got together

Everything seemed perfect, even the weather

And I couldn’t fight my feelings, I was at the end of my tether.

As the months passed, what we had was rapidly fading

And the realization was soon invading.

Why did I let this happen when we weren’t even dating?

Then I had to bring you some news,

It was something you couldn’t easily excuse

But to be a part of it was something you chose to refuse.

Of course, your honesty made me sad

That you weren’t going to be there to be a dad

And all this trauma was driving me mad.

I wish things could’ve happened much differently

But then I wouldn’t have my daughter to love unconditionally

And that is the end of the “love” between you and me.

A Night of Terror (Poem)

I wake up in the middle of the night

Frightened, With the feeling of unease

I’m in total darkness waiting to see light

Because this fear is like a disease.

Going back to sleep is what I’m afraid to do

Because that is where I saw the scare;

It was running towards me but then it flew.

I couldn’t move, shocked instead and stood in it’s glare.

At that point I knew I was done

For the creature was right before me.

I stood there in shock, I couldn’t just run

And I knew this would end terribly.

But then I snapped out of it

Because this couldn’t be the end

I couldn’t just quit

And succumb to my evil “friend.”

That is the moment I awoke

But it felt so real

Why would my mind play such a cruel joke?

The mind is like it’s own world, so surreal.

I didn’t really dream this but I did have a creepy dream and woke up feeling scared. I guess you can say it was inspired by the fear I had waking up and the gargoyles my friends have told me they’ve spotted on the reservation.


A Few Haikus Dedicated to my Love

To my jerk daughter. I love her so much even though she’s a monster. 💜

1) I love her dearly

She began life inside me

Now walks beside me.

2) When I look at you

I know I have a reason

To breathe and to live.

3) I will protect you

For you are my purpose to

Push forward in life.

4) Love is when you look

At your amazing daughter

And feel completed.

A Few Haikus

I wrote these in my mini handy dandy notebook while I was bored with some “spare” time.

1) Such humble, wealthy

Women with great class and drive

Helps keep hope alive.

2) Heartless egoist;


Wretched, filthy wench.

3) Drop dead gorgeous,

Captivatingly lovely,

Thoughtful, sweet lady.

4) So many morons

Lusting after unseen wealth.

Go home already!

5) How lovely it is

To witness so much wasted

Time in a black void.