Piccolo? Wolverine? Piccorine?

So, years ago one of my friends have been bugging me to draw him a picture of two of his favorite characters in one, Piccolo and Wolverine, to be a “Piccorine.” I’m finally trying to draw it. It’s fun thus far, just trying to merge the two together. I can’t wait to see the final result.


A couple of old pieces

My friend made a sketchbook and called it “Duh Wholly Bye-bull” back in 2010. I completely forgot I drew a couple of things in there. I do remember the actual book but I completely forgot I contributed to it’s content.

Her sketchbook. I always wondered about it and I was happy when she refreshed my memory about my drawings.

My two drawings below. Obviously, they’re not the greatest but I enjoy running into things like this.