Handmade Bat Doll

I know I was about 13 when I made this bat. I forgot what I named him after 15 years. 😅 He’s made of the same fabric as SheCreature but the purple is from an old shirt and the red is from that same Barbie dress MonkEvil was made from. One day I’m going to turn my handmade ragdolls into drawings. Enjoy. 😊


Handmade Ragdolls from early 2003

I’ve always been the creative type and a little strange too. These are some dolls I made when I was 12-13. Their names are as follows: SheCreature, Madam Shyla, and MonkEvil.

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SheCreature: she was my very FIRST doll I made. I made her from some fabric my parents bought for me a looong, long time ago.

Madam Shyla: she was the second ragdoll I made. I’m pretty sure I made her out of a training bra. 😂 Her dress was made of old clothes we didn’t wear anymore. Her hair was made from fabric my parents got me (similar to SheCreature’s fabric, different color).

MonkEvil: I don’t remember which order I made him in but he sure is awesome. 😊 He is made of the fabric of an old velvet Barbie dress. The pink is from fabric of old clothes and his horns are from the same fabric as Madam Shyla’s hair.

These are treasures to me since they were some of my earliest creations. They’re about 15 years old! I remember making SheCreature and Madam Shyla before I turned 13. I really wish I didn’t let my artistic side die but I’m getting back in touch with it. Perhaps I’ll make newer versions of them but nothing will beat the originals. I have more handmade ragdolls that I’ll reveal in future posts.