Ruined My Life (Poem)

I think I ruined my life

I’ve never felt so much strife

I cannot fight this feeling of regret

My soul is in so much debt

I feel like I cannot go on

This race I’m running cannot be won

I cannot see a better day

I just want this sadness to go away

Why is this feeling lingering so much?

It has me feeling out of touch

I cannot seem to make things better

I am becoming the biggest regretter

I cannot stop feeling down

It makes me look like a big clown

I wish there were a way to make it leave

I guess the first step is to start to believe

I can’t go on living like this

It has me feeling very lifeless

I just want to find true harmony

But happiness looks very far from me

When will things start to look good

Probably when my feelings are better understood

I cannot fathom that this is living

Now is the time to start forgiving

I’ve made my decision to let go of strife

Now I’ve realize I didn’t ruin my life


Author: nikkropolis

I'm just a starving artist with many interests, well not really starving, but I am starving to reach out to you.

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