That’s All I Can Say (Poem)

Everyday I’m fighting

Because I’ve lost the sighting

On my purpose to live

Myself, I can’t forgive

Because I’m depressed

And also stressed

With what I should “be”

Which makes me unhappy

I can’t find the light

And I’m losing the fight

To my inner demons

I barely have any reasons

To continue to go on

I want to be gone

Away from society

So they can’t look down at me

I want to feel alive

And also thrive

But how can move along

When I am not that strong

I need to have the will

And a purpose to fulfill

I sometimes hate being me

Because sadness is my only company

I let it get this way

That’s all I can say

Author: nikkropolis

I'm just a starving artist with many interests, well not really starving, but I am starving to reach out to you.

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