No Wins (Poem)

I can’t relax

I’ve met my max

I can’t carry on

The doubters won

I stop right here

I look in the mirror

A loser is what I see

Why can’t I be free

Of these ugly thoughts

In my head it rots

I can’t see a winner

I’m not even a beginner

It’s not even worth it

To climb out of the pit

I sulk in misery

Then scream in agony

Why can’t I be successful

Everything’s so stressful

I don’t know what to do

To make it through

This terrible phase

I’m in a daze

I need to succeed

So, I’ll take lead

With little motivation

It’s better than stagnation.


Author: nikkropolis

I'm just a starving artist with many interests, well not really starving, but I am starving to reach out to you.