Loser (Poem)

I’ve been here before

It’s nothing to be proud of

But I cannot ignore

My lack of self love

Because I feel like a failure

I’m good for nothing

And I have to endure

All the self loathing

It’s something I can’t help

Because I feel it daily

These are the cards I’ve dealt

I’m not living gaily

How can I live better

When I want to just die

Because I’m also a debtor

Which is why I break down and cry

It’s all my fault

Things are this way

That my life is at a halt

And I can’t see a better day

I’m the one to blame

Why I’m unhappy

And feel this much shame

Like my life’s a joke, so sappy


Author: nikkropolis

I'm just a starving artist with many interests, well not really starving, but I am starving to reach out to you.

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