Scary Stories? What are Chonies?

Every region had their Urban legends. I have yet to see anything but I hear stories from family and friends.

This one in particular is about a short, hairy, black humanoid creature who’s been described as a black Cousin It or almost like a little gorilla called a “Chonie.” There are variations of how these chonie creatures are manifested; I’ve heard that they’re sent out to you if someone who has ill will to you sends them and I’ve heard that if you find a sack with straw or hair and other miscellaneous stuff in it, don’t pick it up because you’ll then “own” a chonie. Another thing I was told about these creatures is that if you’re walking in the dark and hear a whistle, don’t whistle back because they’ll take you God knows where.

I’m sure we’ve established that these are some pretty weird and creepy mother effers. I have yet to see one but I’ve got plenty of buddies who’ve seen some. In case you’re wondering where they’ve originated, well, these stories come from my friends of the Pascua Yaqui tribe.

I have a semi experience with them.. back on May 27, 2017. So, the place I work (which I won’t mention but if you do enough research to figure it out, good for you) is a 24/7 establishment with the exception of a few days out of the year so the tribe can practice their traditions; that year, I was working day shift with the hours being 6AM-2PM on that day. I’m in the building and I get quite a surprise from the security guard at the front entrance and a custodian who had got done wiping and cleaning the doors and windows. They had pointed out what appeared to be small hand smudges on the door just below the door handle. There couldn’t have been a child since anyone under 21 years of age isn’t allowed inside and it was barely just after 6 in the morning. Chonie, maybe?

IDK but I like playing skeptic with these kinds of things. Maybe the smudges were in the door from hours earlier when the restaurant was open (the only exception for a child to enter is if accompanied by someone aged 21+ and on their way to a restaurant) and the custodian didn’t notice them. Or maybe it was one of those godforsaken hairy creatures that everyone should avoid.

I took a picture of the door; I’ll let you be the judge.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention you can “get” one to do your evil biddings like IDK go after an ex, your douchebag teacher, or maybe even your hard ass boss, IDK but if you choose to make one go after anyone, they get super clingy from what I’ve been told. If you don’t pay attention to them, they can go after your pets or people you love because they wanna be your world. Sure, you may “get back” at someone who’s done you wrong with a chonie but it might backfire on you and they go after your loved ones because they feel neglected by you, not a very good deal in my opinion.

A Yaqui would be able to tell these kinds of stories 10 times better than I can but I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying.

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