Why I hate work

It’s the place where all dreams die. It’s the place where you let go of touch with your old talents. It’s the place that you’re dedicating the majority of your day to someone else’s purpose or vision.

Looking back, I used to be so creative and then I started working and I pretty much neglected my talents. I really regret moving up to full time because now my time for things and people I really love have been reduced. I only have myself to blame for loving a boring, unfulfilling life.

The worst part is that I work in customer service. I’ve always been an introvert since I was a child and I even considered myself a misanthrope. An introverted misanthrope working in customer service putting up the friendly facade to everyone. Well, I truly am friendly and approachable but I’d rather not interact with strangers. It’s not that I want to be mean, it’s just that I enjoy being left alone but I must admit some interaction with my co-workers is pleasant, depending who it is.

Being fake is fucking draining. Not all the time I’m in the mood to smile at all these dumb ass customers and answer their stupid questions. Just shut up and let me do my God damned job! We’re expected to use their names and be unnaturally happy. That’s completely unrealistic. I’d say customer service is unhealthy since it’s so draining to be around all these fucktards and having to put up that “always happy” front.

The only thing pleasant about my job are my coworkers and the pay, which is exceptionally good for the kind of work it is. Ok, there are other perks like the option to eat at different restaurants, being able to walk everywhere and get your exercise and a few other things that are likeable but other than that work sucks.

What I’ve learned thus far in life is to really stick to your passions or you can play it safe, get a job and lose yourself.. or maybe you can be a little smarter about it and balance work and your hobbies out. I’d quit if I were brave enough. Customer service is NOT my passion! But I can’t just leave. I have a daughter to take care of and being her sole provider, I’m not at much liberty to just up and leave my job. Technically I can but that would be selfish of me to leave the steady income. The plan is to save my money and do my artsy stuff on the side and hopefully that can eventually be my source of income.

Another reason to hate work is because that’s where I met my sperm donor and I’m sure it’s obvious how that turned out. Well, it’s not so bad because I got my daughter out of it but I just wish things were different. I should’ve never fell in love but that’s another story for another time.

Anyway, work sucks and it’s the place you die without leaving your body unless you’re smart about managing your time!

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BTW this is just a pic of my plants from when I was happy and jolly and able to spend more time doing enjoyable things. Gardening was one of them and I neglected my green thumb when I started working full time. Fuck you, work, seriously! And fuck me for making terrible decisions but here’s to noticing it before I get any older! 🍻


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