Isn’t always peaches and cream. There are times when your kid does some annoying shit and has you questioning your ways. I can admit there were times I’d wonder whether or not I made the right decision having a child; she wasn’t planned and was actually supposed to be prevented.

Those feelings don’t define you as a parent; we all get them every once in a while. I love my child with all my heart, but I’m also human. I can’t be perfect all the time, or ever. I make my mistakes and wonder why I solely took on this responsibility but those are just thought formed from moments of frustrations.

Being a single parent with no help from the other half is taxing at times but doable. It’s also rewarding to know that you’re handling it on your own. My daughter is well taken care of and I take pride knowing that I can handle the stresses that come along with parenthood and being able to afford her all on my own income.

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I had to throw this in there. 😜 I drew it back on October 15, 2010. Baby Babidi and daddy Bibidi. I thought this was a suitable pic to post for the topic.

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Here’s me and my monster when she was first born. I can’t believe how time flies.

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