Ambipom throwing feces at Brock

So, I drew this back in ’09 or ’10; one of the two. We all know monkeys like to fling their dung, right? Well, in this case I wanted Brock to be humiliated in front of nurse Joy. Totally immature of me, I know and I don’t care! 😄 Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Aya Natsume Drawing

I completed this drawing on November 1, 2011. Seeing these old drawings of mine really makes me wanna create more. I absolutely love art. ❤️❤️❤️

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I must admit this is one of my favorite pieces that I made. I most definitely will make more in the near future. Enjoy!

Yukina and Yusuke Drawings

These are a couple of pics I drew back in 2011. They’re both characters from Yu Yu Hakusho.


This here, is a drawing of Yukina. I completed it on December 26, 2011. I used a pencil to draw it, a pen to outline it, and oil pastels to color it.

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This one is a drawing of Yusuke Urameshi. I also used colored pencils to color it.

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Soulmates are often perceived as your “one true love,” right? I can’t help but completely disagree with that concept. My idea of a soulmate is someone who has impacted your life for the better out for the worse.

Why do I believe that? Someone who’s able to have a big impact on your life regardless if it’s good or bad is more plausible and likely to occur than finding this “perfect” match, or this one perfect match finding you out of billions of people on this planet.

Out of billions on this planet, the perfect match is somehow in the same city as you, normally in the same age range and is living in the same century as you. This “perfect” person is just who you choose to be with as long as they are consenting. Nothing more nothing less. You both work out and you are a great couple. There’s nothing wrong with that but believing they’re “the one” is a little outlandish.

How many times have we fallen in love with someone we thought was “the one/ soulmate?” Most people have had more than one love in their life, which isn’t bad but, if we did have a true soulmate, wouldn’t we be unable to love another, even before we crossed paths with them?

I, personally don’t believe in that concept of soulmates. I think it’s a bit childish too believe we all have that one perfect somebody and have a fairy tale ending. I believe who’s important to me are my soulmates. I believe people who’ve impacted my life for the better or the worse are my soulmates.

I have a lot more to type on this subject but I’m tired; I woke up way too early and I wanna go back to sleep. I just wanted to kill some time.

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Zombie Kitty 😽🙀😸

Sometime last year, I came up with a character; I didn’t know his name. I didn’t know his story, but I knew I needed to make him. A zombie Kitty!

I admit I just came up with his name a few days ago. It’s been decided that his name is “Jeremy.” “Zachariah” and “Wayne” were other names I was considering but “Jeremy” seemed to be so fitting.

I will be making more stories of him. I have a whole line up of other zombie creatures that’ll be in exposed in the near future. Enjoy! 😽

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The original

I used Plastalina clay to make him.

His brain is exposed! 🙀

This was the nerve wracking party, putting the lines on his teeth.

I would like to make him a little thicker 😽 but I’m happy with how it came out. 😸

Toddler Harley Quinn and a Couple of Cats 😸

Since Halloween is around the corner, I thought I’d share Halloween from last year. I bought a bunch of costumes for my daughter but in this picture you can see she’s clearly Harley Quinn.. and a couple of the cats decided to hang out in costumes with her. 😸

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My brat in her Harley Quinn costume with a Joker bear from Build a Bear. I love this picture and I’m excited to make more this year! 😊

This alien costume is from 2015. The model wearing it is named Token. I had him since 2006! Surprisingly he lets me dress him up. When he was younger, he didn’t really enjoy wearing things for me. 😸

So this time Gizmo’s wearing Token’s alien costume and Token is wearing a devil cap. I’m glad they sat next to my daughter. 😸